Life is a beautiful gift and you get it only once.  While it is very important to work hard and make something out of yourself, it is also important to make time for those little moments that make life worth living.





Every second of your life is precious so don’t forget to spend these gems on your loved one.


Are you a cat lover ?

Cats have been around us since ages. The cat’s family ranges from the strong big toothed tigers to the cute little furry ones.
Well, in our following post/posts, we are leaving the jungle cats where they are(for safety measures, ofcourse) and are going to tell the tale of these little balls of fur blessed with nine lives.
But for that we need some time, so today we present you with some facts about cats, have fun-

-A cat lover is called an ‘Ailurophile’ ( derived from the Greek word ailouros meaning cat).

-Sir Henry Wyatt was the Keeper of the jewels during the reign of Henry VII and Henry VIII. He eventually fell out of favour with Henry VIII and was imprisoned in the tower of london, condemned to starve to death. Sir Henry however, did not die of starvation because his beloved cat provided food for his master by hunting and bringing a pigeon to his cell daily. Sir Henry was also able to convince a compassionate jailer to cook these pigeons ! When King Henry VIII heard about this, he too must have been touched by the little animals’s loyalty, because he immediately set Sir Henry free.

-According to Hebrew legend, Noah prayed to God for help, so that all the food stored in the Ark wouldn’t be eaten by rats. In reply, God made the lion sneeze, and out popped a cat.

– According to an Italian legend, St. Francis of Assisi(1182-1226), was saved from a plague of mice by a cat which sprang miraculously out of his sleeve.

-During the time of
the Spanish Inquisition,
Pope Innocent VIII
condemned cats as evil
and thousands of cats
were burned.
Unfortunately, the
widespread killing of cats
led to an explosion of the
rat population, which
exacerbated the effects
of the Black Death.

-When a family cat
died in ancient Egypt,
family members would
mourn by shaving off
their eyebrows. They also
held elaborate funerals
during which they drank
wine and beat their
breasts. The cat was
embalmed with a sculpted
wooden mask and the tiny
mummy was placed in the
family tomb or in a pet
cemetery with tiny
mummies of mice.

-The ability of a cat
to find its way home is
called “psi-traveling.”
Experts think cats either
use the angle of the
sunlight to find their way
or that cats have
magnetized cells in their
brains that act as

If you have any story or thoughts to share, we will be more than happy to hear.

Facts about Child labour

Children are considered to be the cutest version of god. They are the most beautiful creation of the almighty.

But when these innocent souls are denied their rights and forced to work then results are never good.

Following facts gives a brief insight into the lived of the kids ruined by evils of child labour

-There are 168 million children
worldwide trapped in child labor,
accounting for almost 11
percent of the overall child

-Nearly 60 percent of child labor
takes place in agriculture.

-There are 75 million young
persons aged 15 to 24 years of
age who are unemployed and
many more who must settle for
jobs that fail to offer a fair
income, security in the
workplace, social protection or
other basic decent work

-Former child laborers are much
more likely to have only primary
education or less.

-Young persons who worked as
children (up to the age of 15)
are more likely to be in low-
paying jobs.

-Children forced by their
household circumstances or
other factors to leave school
prior to their fifteenth
birthday are less likely to ever
find jobs and those who do find
jobs take much longer to do so.

-Children in hazardous work that
directly harms their health,
safety or moral development
make up more than half of all
child laborers, numbering 85
million in absolute terms.

-A total of 47.5 million
adolescents aged 15 to 17 years
are in hazardous work,
accounting for 40 percent of all
employed adolescents aged 15
to 17 years and over one-
quarter (28 percent) of all child

-In developing countries, large
shares of youth leave school at
or below the general minimum
working age of 15 years.

-Girls who leave school early do
so disproportionately to
undertake responsibility for
chores within their own homes,
while boys are more likely to
leave school prematurely in
order to join the labor force.

The facts about child labor show
that it is a far-reaching
problem, especially for children
living in poverty. Because
children don’t have a voice or a
platform, they are extra
vulnerable to those who are
looking to abuse them.

Child Labour-Old curse of modern life.

What is child labour ?

Child labour refers to the
employment of children in any
work that deprives children of
their childhood, interferes with
their ability to attend regular
school, and that is mentally,
physically, socially or morally
dangerous and harmful.

Harms of child labour

There are very bad effects of
child labor for our society, which
forces some children to steal
things from others in order to
satisfy their daily living. Many
small girls are even made to
indulge in prostitution. A recent
case of child labor came into
picture where a 10 year old kid
was beaten to death because
the innocent kid was slow at
things. The cruel owner went
angry and threw the child
across the room resulting in the
most extreme punishments. It
was not only the cruel owner who
was at the fault, but the
parents of the child were also
equally involved in this incident.
They took $10 as advance and
sent their child to work for the
sake of getting some monthly
income. May be even the parents
would never have thought that a
little sum of money could lead
to such horrible incident.

How can it be stopped ?

There are various organizations
which are fighting against child
labour by helping children and
imparting education among that
part of society from where
majority of the child labour
comes. Poor families should be
given knowledge about family
planning/control so that they
are not burdened by children. It
would be advisable not to keep
small children at home for
taking domestic help in daily
household chores. Let us all take
some step in this direction so
that we can bring smiles to
many faces and make this world
a beautiful place for a child to
live in.

For the love of it.

Writing is not an art, it’s a lifestyle. This blog By Apoorv is an excellent example of how beautiful this lifestyle is. We clearly are not at the level where we can judge it in any way. So take a look for yourself and fall in love with his writings and all writings in general.
P.S.- Today is his birthday so don’t hold back and shower your blessings on him fellas.



Words have always fascinated me, the world not so much. I have met people who do not like the fact that I read and write a lot, to the majority it does seems idiotic, I don’t believe the same, there’s nothing wrong with me and nothing wrong with the latter ones either, they just don’t possess the same eyes as I do, and are thus unable to discover the magic that unfolds each time when we turn a page of a book which waits our arrival.

“When I’m writing, I know I’m doing the thing I was born to do,” said Anne Saxton. I still must admit, that I do find myself perplexed by people who question me about a reason why do I read or write things that are beyond the limited syllabus my school offers. I have found myself failing to answer this question quite a few times…

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Finding Time..

I wake up everyday with my brain washed squeaky clean. It is only when I look in the mirror that I start to recall the glimpse of my identity from the fog of cluelessness.

Everyday, I need to remind myself that who I am and what I am supposed to do. I don’t know if that’s normal, because I am as familiar with others lives as a painter is with Quantum Mechanics.

But, sadly that’s not what bugs me the most. It’s my habit of not finding time to do what I actually want to do that makes me dampen my mood all the time.

In the morning when I look at my time-table, it looks perfect and easy to follow. But, as the day ages my whole perfection falls apart bit by bit. A ten minute break becomes one hour gossip time with friends and their friends and strangers. Two hours scheduled homework ends up eating a lot more time than I could afford, leaving me bankrupt. And so on and so forth.

At the end of day, when I again look at my time-table, it is a total mess just like a canteen after a food fight. Resulting in me being deprived of doing the things that I love. It’s the same story everyday.

Yeah, I know, I need to keep my time in check, and should be more disciplined but it’s easier said than done. No matter how careful I am, the time seems to slip right through my hand as if they were soaked with grease.

Aaarggh ! It’s causing me a lot of trouble.
While I am myself googling the solutions yet if any of you have any idea, please do share.

Thanks for listening.